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Product Description

Water’s Edge

10 Qt Cooler

Coolers are supplied and customized by Water’s Edge LLC

Water’s Edge, Where Life Happens.

Durable Sealing Gasket can make sure the cooler seals and keeps the temp on the inside
The stainless steel lock doubles as a bottle opener
An eyelet provides a convenient place to strap the extreme cooler down
Friction pads can increase the stability of the cooler and provides resistance against sliding
Steel powder coated carry handle makes for an easier tow
T-latch rubber handle provides a comfortable touch and ensures a proper seal
Recessed drain plug with chain attachment to prevent lost drain plugs
The air purge relief valve can assist with the opening when the air inside and outside are at a differential
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Dramatic video of pickup truck driving up on top of 4 Water’s Edge coolers

Customization Durability Video (Cleaning)


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